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January 30th, 2012, 05:23
Sergorn, I disagree with all you said about EQ. Leaving aside the fact it was nothing at all like Diablo, its primary draw during its first year of release was exploration and adventure, and the thing that made it different from every other MMO that came before or after was the intense social experience that in my opinion was forced on the players by how shatteringly hard it was to do anything worth doing in EQ without a friend or three with you. But lets leave all that aside, as it doesn't really matter at this late date.

When it comes to Ultima Online and SWG, I think you're saying that the main draw for you was that it was a reality simulator only in a more interesting setting. People crafting, fishing, catching butterflies, etc. Is that right? If so, I'd agree with that. My problem - and I said this to Raph Koster at the time on usenet - is that I found the non-adventuring activities available to me in UO and SWG about as interesting as mowing my lawn. If I wanted to go fishing I'd get in my car and go fishing. If I really wanted to make an outing of it I'd invite a couple of friends to go with me. If I wanted to spend hours of my time "crafting" something I'd have done some of those jobs around the house my wife was always wanting me to do (and if I had maybe I'd still be married). And so on. This is where you say "Ah, but it's the fact you can do all these things in the context of this really great game and not just in your boring normal life!" right? My problem with that was that I found what passed for adventures and quests in both those games about as interesting as wandering around in a field kicking over anthills. "But what about all the great social atmosphere?" he says. Well, the doods in UO and SWG set a low-water mark for quality social content that even WoW has never managed to surpass. Is it even possible to be offended on so many different levels by one simple doodism and still feel like maybe you shouldn't say anything about it because the guy might be mentally handicapped?

Anyway, I get that a lot of people liked those two games. I might have liked them too if they were everything you describe. I just didn't see it. I didn't see greatness, I saw an attempt at greatness.
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