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January 30th, 2012, 13:09
Originally Posted by CraigCWB View Post
All he's got on his list I'd agree with is the open world (they weren't the first with that either but they did it best at least) and the morality system. Of course, when it comes to changing from the player deciding at character creation what morality they wanted their character to be D&D style to the character's morality changing on the fly based on the player's actions it's up for debate whether that's a good design decision or not, isn't it? Companies like Bethesda have made drastically altering the character's morality so trivial that most people go from one extreme t the other several times during a playthrough just to capitalize on morality benefits and reduce penalties. Why is that better than enforcing (disallowing or penalizing behavior that's not consistent with a character's personality) a morality selection made at character creation?
You could change your characters' alignment on the fly in Wizardry I already, so it wasn't really enforced. And the game didn't really penalise you for it either. So Ultima's wasn't the first morality system. It was, however, the first (?) to turn it into the "Art thou good, Avatar?" bullshit.
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