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January 31st, 2012, 05:25
I'm not expecting Proust. The writing had no character.

Bethesda's games are not very deeply written, but, although written by a team with many members, they have one distinctive voice, a mixture of flippancy and grit.

Bioware's games are all a bit ridiculous, but they have their own unique tone as well - soapiness mixed with whimsy, simmered in self-seriousness and garnished with a side-boob.

That's what I didn't get from the Amalur demo - a voice of its own. All videogames are written by committee. This one sounded like it.

As for the visual design, I don't remember the troll, but I thought it was the boggarts that provided the demo's best example of Mcfarlane's own style (which I don't care for, but is at least his own) peeking through. You can't tell me that the "elven forest" setting didn't owe more to WoW and Fable's design teams than to any idea of McFarlane's own.

If I sound like a hater, I'm not. The game takes RPGs in a direction I like, and I hope it's successful enough for a sequel. But the presentation is really by-the-numbers.
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