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January 31st, 2012, 16:54
Yours truly rocks a goth FemShep with noir lip-balm and a renegade way of solving everything. A promiscuous bisexual with an appetite for destruction, she really has no business commanding the Normandy – or taking advantage of its crew. First she melded naked minds with Liara's blue allure, then she rode Thane's terminal green machine. Finally, she sampled the perilous erotic delights of Morinth and, well, perished. Zevran nodded approvingly when I reloaded after that last one. "I would have done ze same thing," he'd said.
Words fail me. This truly is the future of CRPGs! Verily this is the C&C that is of paramount importance! Forget your old fashioned views of choice and consequence mattering in quests, faction relations and dialogue. Oh, that is so passé! What matters is who you bang (plus for extra C&C, in what order you bang them)…


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