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January 31st, 2012, 18:30
Originally Posted by Enflure View Post
I thought like this in the beginning, but finally I had to admit that these MOB were not so much harder than before…

And I pass to the level 19 in half an hour…

I'm pretty sure that realise a quest in the same area make win less XP.

That's not normal.

I'll make try in the official forum
I remember that there was a discussion (either here or in the Larian forum) along the following lines:

The exp from mobs depend only on the mob's level.
The exp from quests depend on your level.

This would fit to your experience (in an area with high level mobs compared to your avatar you get much more exp from the mobs than from quests).

So min-maxers would try to first kill all enemies and only start to complete quests afterwards. (But that is no fun of course, so I would never do that.)
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