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February 1st, 2012, 00:16
I don't really have a problem with DLC in general but what I'm disappointed in is that Steelbeard's treasure is "only" getting the DLC treatment.
The whole Steelbeard quest was the major side quest in the first game and now it is concluded via a pre-order DLC in Risen 2? WTF? That doesn't seem right.
The quest was already a bit half-assed in Risen with no real conclusion so I would have hoped that this quest would have gotten the attention it deserves in Risen 2. This should -in my opinion- have been a major story arc throughout the entire game instead of being a completely optional, separate quest line.
I'm also wondering how they are going to do this exactly. They can't really let us haul away a major treasure as part of a DLC quest. It would screw up the balancing big time. Which means that they are going to have to have a more or less lame explanation at the end of the quest why the treasure has become unusable or (nearly) worthless… which again wouldn't do this potentially epic quest line much justice.

Not good…
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