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February 1st, 2012, 01:57
Originally Posted by Dhruin View Post
Ha! I was waiting for this double-standard.

So, on the one-hand, it's terrible for everyone who buys it new from any vendor to get a bonus but on the other, it's acceptable to only get the bonus if you buy pre-release from the right vendor in the right territories?
You have a point. As I stated in the earlier KoA thread, my problem with online passes is that there are three gamers in my family. I am forced to pick or choose who gets to activate the pass on their profile and have everyone play on the same profile, or buy two more online passes, adding to the cost of the game overall. This pre-order DLC would have the exact same issue if I were to buy it on the 360.

I wasn't looking at it from that angle since I was planning on getting this on the PC. I only buy titles that they want to play too on the console. My kids are only into more action oriented RPGs such as KoA, Mass Effect, and such. I never could get them interested in the Gothic or Elder Scroll titles.
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