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February 1st, 2012, 04:51
Originally Posted by Nerevarine View Post
They shouldn't be rewarding people simply for having blind faith, and they shouldn't "punish" people who are wise enough to wait for a game to actually come out and analyze whether or not the game is actually worth buying it at full price - previews and past reputation alone are hardly enough to go by in making an informed decision (Gothic 3 at the time of release, anyone? Dragon Age 2?). Why not "reward" anybody who buys the game period, ala CdProject Red, or maybe "reward" anyone who purchases the game new at any point instead of used? Seems like a much better way to garner goodwill and offer a fair incentive to encourage the purchase of a game than holding interesting content hostage unless one is willing to take a big risk in blindly buying a game before anything tangible is known about the game's quality.

People like me who are likely to purchase Risen 2 in the crucial first week shouldn't feel "locked out" of content simply for wanting to know if the game is truly good or not. By holding content out in this manner, I feel "encouraged" to instead wait for a complete or "GoTY" edition at a discount price instead of buying it immediately without the complete game. This isn't a simple "costume" DLC that I would never want in the first place; this is an interesting quest line that has ties to one of the better side-quests of Risen 1 and should be a part of the full game.
So anyone who pre-orders should get no incentive to do so or reward?

The industry is trying new things in order to make a profit and as long as they stay away from making me pay a monthly fee to play their game then I'm fine with them experimenting. Especially with experiments where they reward their customers who have a wee bit of faith in their product.

Didn't I already say that they should not have chosen a quest line from Risen 1? You're preaching to the choir about that one.
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