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February 1st, 2012, 06:50
Originally Posted by skavenhorde View Post
So anyone who pre-orders should get no incentive to do so or reward?

The industry is trying new things in order to make a profit and as long as they stay away from making me pay a monthly fee to play their game then I'm fine with them experimenting. Especially with experiments where they reward their customers who have a wee bit of faith in their product.
Fair enough, I see your point even though I personally think it could be handled in a different way. I guess I'll just never have faith in a company purely on the basis of name and reputation alone, as each game functions as its own separate entity and should - in my opinion - be judged separately as well. Risen 2 is going to be vastly different from Risen 1, and while I am very happy that PB is being creative and trying to go in a different direction, Risen 1 and the Gothic series can't be used to judge whether or not I'll enjoy Risen 2. I'm very positive that I will, but I can't be certain until the game comes out - and I don't want to "miss out" on additional, interesting content for waiting a mere couple of days to see how it turns out before commiting to a purchase decision.

I haven't pre-ordered a game in years, but I've bought several within the first few days, with Skyrim, Human Revolution, Frayed Knights and The Witcher 2 being the most recent examples of week one purchases - is that really much different from pre-ordering?. Perhaps a better compromise would be to offer this sort of DLC for free to anyone who buys the game new within the first 2 weeks or even a month. I will always emphatically prefer that this practice not be used at all,in any shape or form, but that seems like a decent compromise that is more "fair" than limiting the incentive to pre-orders alone.

Originally Posted by skavenhorde View Post
Didn't I already say that they should not have chosen a quest line from Risen 1? You're preaching to the choir about that one.
I was more disagreeing with the first part of the quote, and because this questline is the "reward/incentive" for pre-ordering, I used it as the basis for my opinion.
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