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February 1st, 2012, 13:40
One thing people should understand is that all of these developers have a point where they stop adding content to the game several months before release so that it can go through beta testing and bug fixing. They probably would keep making content for the game and then eventually release it. This was exclusive to expansions in the past but now that it is easier to distribute content they have more choices.

Who knows maybe they were not able to get to this storyline while making the game and so they started after going into beta. They could have just waited and put it into an expansion and no one would have complained but instead they decided to release it as dlc. I do think that the pricing on these dlc are too high since if you compare pricing on an expansion to a dlc based on content the expansion is a better value usually.

The times I get mad when it comes to dlc is when either the content was obviously originally part of the game or nowhere worth the price they put on it. They announced there was going to be 6 factions at least over 4 months ago and it seemed like they were well established at the time so it looks like they just cut part of the content and put it as dlc. I wouldn't even be surprised if the code just unlocks the in-game content rather then downloading the new content.
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