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February 1st, 2012, 17:09
Originally Posted by Saxon1974 View Post
Best part of this review was they mentioned that 5E edition of D&D is apparently going to be a return to more complexity as apparently the dumbing down didnt work. Not that I have played real D&D in years but gives me hope for some real D&D games…I know I am dreaming
You know what I'm sick of? People that have never played D&D 4th edition saying it's dumbed down because that's what they read on the Internet.

Anyone that's ever played 4th edition can tell you that there are just as many options as 3rd edition, if not more so (a common complaint by people that have actually played, is that there are TOO MANY powers to choose from in martial classes)

The main thing people didn't like is that the classes were actually balanced and wizards couldn't become ridiculously overpowered. All this talk of dumbing down and 'mmo-like' are either from people who never played it or disenfranchised 3rd edition players who were pissed they had to buy new books. The combat focus is nothing new, the grid system was with us throughout all of 3rd ed, and most classes have more choices and options than tey ever had in 3rd edition.
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