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February 1st, 2012, 18:09
They must have a different definition of Indie than I do. I haven't even remotely considered going retail with Unfettered.

Let's see, I've spent $330 so far and need to spend another $1500 on a Unity3d license before I "ship". CDs pressed, boxes, printed manuals, shipping, another method of patching to support and a hundred other things I haven't though of, how much would just getting the CDs pressed alone cost me? What are the odds of me making that back retail when I have to compete with very limited shelf space with TV commercial advertised games like Skyrim and Mass Effect? As an indie I'd probably be better off sticking that make believe money into a totally unrelated marketing segment ( say Golf magazine ) than hoping the typical Wal-Mart PC game buyer decides to pick my game off the shelf.

Digital distribution has no upfront costs, if my game doesn't sell I'm out 2 grand of dev cost and a lot of time. With retail I'd need to spend thousands of dollars upfront that does nothing to make my game better creating a physical product before I even have a chance at a sale. I wish I had that kind of a budget but even if I did, I'd just sink into something that'd give a better return on gameplay.

Forget it.
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