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February 1st, 2012, 22:00
I don't think it's true. It sounds like some random guy on a comments board making baseless speculation. Certainly it's not based on anything official.

In truth almost everything about SWTOR that seperates it from other MMOs is something that happens during the level up proccess. They place a huge amount of emphasis on voice acting and individual class story lines and the vast majority of this occurs before level 50. As a result I'd say all evidence is on the opposite of Bioware trying to speed people along to lvl 50.

Plus it does still take a fairly long time to get to level 50. Most people I know (myself included) who have been playing since the game came out have not gotten there yet. There isn't really that much emphasis on raiding or high level pvp yet either.

As for EQ, yeah as I said it was more social there was nothing else to do while sitting around then talk to your fellow players. Some people really enjoyed this, many others hated it. It all depended on how much you enjoy talking to random gamers on the internet and whether you considered this fun enough to sit around for 4 hours doing nothing. Personally if I want to chat with people I'd rather do it somewhere else.

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This above quote struck me the most:

Is this true? It completely kills any inkling of desire I had to try the game.

EQ was also my first MMO and, while I realize there is some nostalgia going around, I think it was indeed more social. And more difficult. Nowadays, there is so very little camaraderie felt between group members (if a group is even required… but that is another matter). You join a group and 30 minutes later leave without a hello or goodbye. It's all so sterile.

People are generally so focused on self-gratification, that they dismiss most of everything else. In EQ, yes you camped a spot for hours… but you did so while having fun with others.
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