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February 1st, 2012, 22:07
The good old corpse run in EQ meant when you died your body stayed where you died at for X amount of time before it got deleted by the server. On your body was every piece of gear and gold of coin you had on you when you died, so it was vitally important to get to it before it “decayed”. Getting a good piece of gear in EQ could make you character and losing it might mean taking a huge amount of time to replace it.

UO and EQ were great games in their day. As others have said they were socially driven games lacking severely in content. You chatted constantly. Both also had great places to explore and EQ still has some of my favorite locations in game, online or otherwise. EQ also had the best team work mechanics of any game I’ve played online at this point. It seems content has trumped mechanics in games now days.
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