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February 2nd, 2012, 00:33
Originally Posted by Drithius View Post
EQ was also my first MMO and, while I realize there is some nostalgia going around, I think it was indeed more social. And more difficult. Nowadays, there is so very little camaraderie felt between group members (if a group is even required… but that is another matter). You join a group and 30 minutes later leave without a hello or goodbye. It's all so sterile.

People are generally so focused on self-gratification, that they dismiss most of everything else. In EQ, yes you camped a spot for hours… but you did so while having fun with others.
This reminded me of something. In EQ, for me at least, there was some actual group etiquette. Current MMO's I get utterly random pop-up window invites to a group - no hello, no asking about doing something, not even an explanation. You join and no one says a word. Often you can figure out what to do based on content (i.e. camped outside a boss). You finish, and if lucky, might get a "thx". Oh not everyone is that bad by any means … but is is pretty prevalent.

It is sterile. Part of it is the ease of sliding in and out of groups and the instant gratification aspect. Also the pace of games is much faster. There just seems to be a lot less group dynamics.

I do enjoy SW but I also play with my roommate so we do plenty of talking as we play in the same room and I enjoy playing together. But before I had a roommate I found it much harder to form social bonds in MMO's in the current generation (WoW and forward). I suspect raiding will help as you have to play more often and have longer times together - you can't just have a quickie and move on.
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