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February 2nd, 2012, 00:25
If someone needs Syberis Dragon Shards for crafting : I have far too many of them !!!

Today I have visited the Caverns Of Korromar. I love dungeon quests like these ! (And like the sewer quests from House Deneith as well !)
But - I've noticed … well, there recurred an older bug : When I play long wquests, I mean *really* long quests like these - after playing more than an hour (I can see that when the Guil Shiop buffs are gone) then at one pointthe connection fails !
I have experienced that several times now, and *only* with long and very long quests : The connections to the server becomes distrupted at one point. It's not a lag, because the game client just throws me out after a time of connection failure !
I managed to reconnect, though, and I'm usually able to go on with the quest from the last major point (usually the starting point) within the quest …
Very annoying, this bug. And I have not the slightest idea where it might come from …
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