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February 2nd, 2012, 05:14
Well take Crushbone for example. During the early days when that was actually a relevent dungeon there would not be a single mob there that was up for more then a minute. The king and the ambassador were always camped by multiple people. Sometimes they were nice enough to form a line, other times it was a free for all. It didn't have any feel for being a dungeon or being on an adventure, it just felt like somewhere you went and sat in one place.

Instancing isn't about convenience. It's about actually entering a dungeon, fighting your way through it and experiencing a story and maybe even dying to something other then a zone train. It's about actually feeling like your in a dungeon and on a quest and not a spawn camping zone. Many of them have pretty epic stories and scripting. And no people do not typically do instanced dungeons solo. Instanced dungeons are generally impossible to solo unless you outlevel it so much that the dungeon does not give you any rewards.

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What are you referring to exactly? The only real queue I ever experienced in EQ was for the Ghoul Assassin before Sony nerfed the mask drop. Sure, there were different camps… but "a line of multiple groups for a boss"?

Instancing, IMO, may add to convenience, but it detracts greatly from what made those early MMOs so fun to immerse oneself in. It was the camaraderie of PnP in an online setting. With instancing, and how its typically handled today, a dungeon is a forgettable pitstop on the way to max level, usually while solo.
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