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February 2nd, 2012, 15:04
See when it came to group content/leveling I never got any feel for the lore in EQ. The problem was when you just sit in one spot you don't experience the world. Crushbone for example was supposed to be this really cool orc fort, but it never felt like one because all the orcs were always dead and it was just full of players. There was a dark elven ambassador who spawned, and I'm sure he was supposed to be plot relevent. But you nver even got to see him unless you joined the line of people camping him.

Another example was the undead manor in Caldera. There was apparently a real cool gothic manor there full of undead, but when you formed a group you didn't actually go into the manor. What you did was camp outside it and send one guy in to find one monster, aggro it, and then run back to the people waiting outside. He would be the only person who ever saw the interior. Was there a story to this place? Were there cool and exciting things in the manor? The majority of people would never know.

That's another big advantage of instancing is that you can actually experience the lore and participate in the story. You can actually see the orc fortress full of orcs, see the amabassor making deals with the king, plan out how you are going to deal with all these challenges. In EQ you never got to see these things. You just saw your little part of the map that you sat in for 4 hours.
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