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February 3rd, 2012, 12:41
Since we will play our high level ones again I wonder if we should use the opportunity in Corwin's absense to do 1-2 Shroud runs (one for each of our high level toons). My high level toons are off the timer this afternoon and I can hold them for our guild play if we will do shroud. If not I complete before we meet up.

I can lead the Shroud group and we first form ourselves and then invite the extra ones. This means we don't have to worry about being all invited to a group. We simply form the group and do the invites ourselves.

A good thing about that is that you get a chance for shards of power and if I get shards I can give them to one of you instead of setting them up for roll. We just discuss before the start who needs shards so I can just transfer the ones I pick to those of you needing shards. That can be done silently so there won't be a need for a roll for the shard. I just pick the name in the chest and transfer it.

Shards bind to character on acquire so this is the simplest way to ensure you get shards on your high level toons.

I have plently of small and medium ingredients for greensteel upgrades and I can give to you. So all we really need are the shard of power (tier 1), greater shard of power (tier 2) and eventually supreme shard of power (tier 3). First time you run shroud you always get one shard of power.

Are any of you interested in doing some Shroud crafting? That means you can use the materials you have collected (chipmunk funks, shavarath stones etc.) from the Vale quests and make a greensteel blank. Then the Shroud runs will give you the shards needed. We can then after the shroud run use the altars inside the shroud to do the crafting or do it later.

Please say yes or no if you would think doing Shroud runs is a good idea. Then we could first meet up and make the blanks before we begin the actual shroud runs. I can help you with ideas to items and send you a link to a shroud crafting planner.

I think it would be good to finally get the materials we got from repeating all the quests into good use.

I recommend crafting a greensteel weapon for melee characters first (except monks who can't craft GS handwraps). Then you can get a hp item with some nice clickie effects on and casters can craft a sp item with nice boosts.

My high level toons have 3-4 greensteel items and the hp item is tier 3 and the pally weapon also. That is a significant boost and once you have the items you can't think how it was without them. E. g. my fvs sp item gives several hundred extra sp, but can also be used to summon a dense earth elemental. My pally's has a sp item boosting his mana to 600sp and a raise dead clickie.

I only farm for tier 3 materials (large devil scales, large sulfur stones, large twisted shrapnel, large glowing arrowheads, large gnawed bones and large infernal chains). Currently I'm working to get a tier 3 GS greatsword for my low level paladin. It will be +5 metalline with holy and acid burst. I also work on upgrading to tier 3 on my hp goggles for both the low level pally and cleric. Then I get 45hp, heavy fort etc.

Since all items are double shard (requiring 2 supreme shards each.) I need about 3x5 mats of each type. I have all the bones, arrowheads and chains, but have only got halfway to the scales, stones and shrapnel. That's why I do 2 shroud runs each week on my high level ones. It will take me 1-2 months to get the remaning large mats.

Then I will have tier 3 hp items available at level 11 for my toons and tier 3 weapon at level 12 for my pally. That will make a significant difference when we do quests from level 11 to 20. It means doing elite runs at level is not out of the question
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