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February 4th, 2012, 23:08
Wowza. Hello Myrthos and thanks very much for posting about Ballikin!

Honestly did not expect you to do so with such speed.

Thanks Twotricks and Bedwyr for the feedback.

One of the things I liked about WoW (and other games I'm sure, dungeon siege did this with everything) was that you had stats that increased with use (like the Mining ability).

So in Ballikin you have Harvesting and Creating (not yet implemented) Abilities. These (will) increase with use.

The link in my mind with Minecraft is simply that Minecraft was the game which showed me how very cool it is to go searching for ore and other stuff in a world that is destructible.

And Terraria .. Well, Terraria did this in 2d.

And both of them had a day/night cycle.

Dwarft Fortress. Nice!

So thanks again for the news post. And thanks for the feedback.

It's very early days.

p.s. There is a "Coming Soon" page which has some of the features I'd like to get done before going to Beta.

Perhaps it would be good to have it clearer WHAT is planned to be in the game before we go to Beta.

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