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February 5th, 2012, 00:32
… the day pibbur went to Stovckholm. First by slow-train (160kph) from Bergen to Oslo, then by another slow-train from Oslo to Stockholm. Tomorrow things are speeding up because of the not-that-slow-but-not-that-fast-either (200kph) X2000 to Copenhagen.

Today is also the day (1801 years ago) roman emperor Severus Snape got sick and died. In York aka Eboracum, where he was doing military things. He was apparently in a bad mood, I quote "Let no one escape sheer destruction, No one our hands, not even the babe in the womb of the mother, If it be male; let it nevertheless not escape sheer destruction". Right.

In Tokyo aka Edo, exactly 309 years ago one Ronin did not seppuku. We probably don't need to know why (which is why this particularpiece of information is also posted on the things you don't need…. you know)

223 years ago George Washngtom aka George Washington is president (For the gops or the dems?)

1859: The Codex is disccovered in Egypt.

76 years ago, Radium aka Ra was invented.

13 years ago New Carissa went to shore, Which was kind of unfortunate as it was a ship. The old Carissa is a flower.

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