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February 5th, 2012, 02:12
Are there any other Android users around here?

I'm eligible for an upgrade (Verizon) on Feb 11th and trying to decide what new phone I'm going to get. I'm coming from the original Motorola Droid - which has served me well but its definitely getting old and creaky now.

In the running are:

- Galaxy Nexus
- Droid Razr Maxx
- Droid 4 (not out yet but should be soon)

I'm heavily leaning toward the Galaxy Nexus because I like the hackability of it and the pure Android experience (no bloatware, etc). It supposedly has the most active development community. The screen is said to be superior to the Razr.

But I do love the Droid brand and having tried my girlfriend's Droid Razr I know it is a great device. It probably won't be as customizable as the Nexus though, and lacks Ice Cream Sandwich (the newest version of Android).

The Droid 4 is tempting because of the hardware keyboard - and it being the continuation of the original Droid line.

Any thoughts on these if you've used them? What would you buy if you were upgrading on Verizon? Any other phones I should be looking at?

Edit: Also feel free to use this thread to talk about Android phones and Android stuff in general - not just the ones I'm thinking of buying.
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