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February 5th, 2012, 06:14

I've just started my first character in Divinity 2 a few days ago and have been taking the time to get into the feel of the game. I've gone for a mage build and are currently exploring the Maxos temple at around level 14.
Thus far I like the exploration and Pokrovsky's music most of all; which was so wonderfully vivid in the first game.

So far Divinity 2 certainly does play like a lesser Gothic or Two Worlds at times with the twitch elements of say the combat of Jade Empire with Diablo bits thrown in there as well.

To the point of my thread - I was just wondering if other players observed any references to Pink Floyd in the game. I've only been wandering around Broken Valley and its dungeons and villages so far but already, there's been two very obvious references to the band that have thrown me a bit. I guess Swen Vincke or someone influential from Larian is a Floyd fan.

1. In the Black Boar tavern, one of the drunks remarks about keeping an eye out for flying "Pigs on the wing" (From the album, Animals)

2. There's a character with a split personality disorder named Eugene who carries an axe. One of the dialog lines is "Hey, be careful with that thing…" (A reference to the song "Careful with that Axe Eugene", from Ummagumma)

Whilst they're amusing and all - it does kind of take you out of the game's lore a little. My question is, are there any more to be found? Or maybe some other players found some other pop culture references?

So far it's a fun game, though the skill trees don't strike me as especially compelling as those from the original game.
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