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February 6th, 2012, 02:06
Hey there Yeesh,

Thanks very much for playing Ballikin, glad to hear your feedback!

1. The Quick-launch and Desktop shortcuts need checkboxes in the Installer. Fixed in next build.

2. You get teleported back to the center (home) of the world when you die. This'll change to your spawn point (Beds when they are put in).

3. It's Alpha. Sheep will drop things. Soon.

4. Okay. The clicking thing is good to know. I'll look to see how it can be done better.

5. Desert is pretty bare (ha, so funny) at the moment.

6. Auto-pickup used to be in there. But I wanted a more Diablo "alt" key feel going on. Might change later on.

7. Step on Lava and find out

8. Harvesting to 40 .. This is where balancing will continue as we go along.

9. Bored! No! Cannot be!

Thanks again for the feedback. It's very cool. Actually, yours is the first real feedback I've had apart from my kids.

There is a lot more to go into the game before it reaches Beta stage. I'm refining the list of features at the moment, they'll go up on the site soon.
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