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February 6th, 2012, 19:33
[Just noticed that JDR just noticed the S2 isn't available on VZW]

I don't like the plasticky feel of Samsung stuff in general - and while their build quality is much better with the S2 and to an extent the Nexus (S2 is better build than Nexus … also better performing) … coming from a 'built like tank' Droid you WILL be disappointed with *anything* from Samsung in terms of Build.

Personally I would hold off until you get hands-on with the Droid 4. That is what I am also doing. I've been up for a new phone for a while, but bought a Droid Pro off contract (eBay) last year and have absolutely loved it - but it is time for a new phone.

Your signal location will also make a big difference - if you don't have solid 4G you are simply getting a 3G phone with the absolutely worst battery life ever (well, you can turn off 4G antenna to help). If you are in a good 4G area you will love the great speeds … depending on what you use the phone for.

The other caveat is that the original Droid was 'crapware lite'. The Droid Razr has full-on MotoBlur and loads of VZW crapware. Since I got the Gingerbread update to my Droid Pro it will never remember my preference and always ask if I want to navigate with Google Nav or VZ Nav (as if!). All of that crap from HTC/Samsung/Moto and carriers *does* slow you down.

The only way to go 'pure vanilla' is with a Nexus phone.

My other thing is that since I also review mobile devices I have had a shot at a number of touch-only devices, and while I can manage, I would *never* go without a physical keyboard on a phone if I had a choice. So I am likely to go Droid 4 regardless. But I know that marks me as an anachronism, as everyone else loves the virtual keyboards and Swype and etc.

Best advice is always to go hands-on when you can.
-- Mike
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