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February 6th, 2012, 20:19
Thanks for the input all - it is definitely helpful.

Originally Posted by txa1265 View Post
I don't like the plasticky feel of Samsung stuff in general - and while their build quality is much better with the S2 and to an extent the Nexus (S2 is better build than Nexus also better performing) coming from a 'built like tank' Droid you WILL be disappointed with *anything* from Samsung in terms of Build.
Yeah that is the other reservation I have about the Galaxy Nexus. I do love the solid "metal" feel of my Droid.

I'm definitely on the fence regarding the hardware keyboard. I think I would prefer it but the other specs on the Droid 4 don't seem as impressive as the Samsung. Smaller screen size, lack of ICS, locked bootloader, Motoblur, etc. I don't know if I do enough texting (practically none) to justify needing the hardware keyboard. It would be useful for retro gaming though (like running DosBox).

But yeah, I should definitely try both of them out hands-on in a store before deciding. The Droid 4 is supposed to come out this Friday according to rumors I've read.

Thanks again for the input!
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