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February 6th, 2012, 23:42
Originally Posted by Relayer View Post
I don't think the Galaxy S2 feels cheap at all - at least not the T-Mobile version I have, not sure about the others though. The rear cover is a textured, rubbery feeling plastic so that helps, and it's got a very solid Gorilla Glass front that has been highly scratch resistant. And while light and very slim, it still has some heft to it. There's some Youtube video you can find where they drop both a GS2 and an Iphone… not pretty… for the Iphone!
A few things:
- I said that the S2 is the best built Samsung phone I have ever touched. But please, let's be real here - Samsung has *earned* the reputation they have for making cheap plasticky crap phones. And I also mentioned as a contrast - someone owning a rock-solid Droid and coming to Samsung will definitely notice the difference in build.
- As mentioned, mentioning the S2 is irrelevant to the OP, he is on VZW, and with the usual Android fragmented market, you can't get one there.
- As for theYouTube video … I could drop a Fisher Price phone 1 million times and it would do better. Two exposed glass surfaces compared to a recessed glass and plastic device … is anyone REALLY surprised? Glass isn't indestructible.
-- Mike
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