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February 6th, 2012, 23:52
the day pibbur didn't go to Edinburgh. Because of a series of unfortunate incidences. First the night train to Amsterdam was 1.5 hours behind schedule before leaving Hannover, and considedring that he had only 1 hour transfer time in Amsterdam before departure for Bruxelles MIDI, he went for his second option, boarding a train headed for Köln at Dortmund, and from there take the 1143 to Bruxelles. The train from K. to B. was 10 minutes delayed, according to speaker.

So, when a train came in 10 minutes after that, pibbur boarded it, assuming it would bring him safely to the holy grail of eurostar (in Bruxelles MIDI) Which it didn't, in stead it brought him closer and closer to München, which was a bit inconvenient, since that's the opposite direction of where he needed to go Let it be known to pibbur's credit, that he discovered said inconvenience within minutes after departure. Unfortunately Deutsche Bahn don't stop just because pibbur want's to get off a train. He could of course have started behaving really badly, and thus getting thrown off the train, but there are repercussions against things like that, and actually, pibbur wouldn't know how to do it (the mere fact that he didn't think of this option until now says a lot). And since this was a fast train, it didn't stop on it's own until nearly 30 minutes had passed. Further, the train going back to Köln was a slow train which stopped and stopped and…

Through a series of train changes, pibbur made it to B. MIDI at 1700, just in time for the train to Edinburgh. If you're at Kings Cross in London. In general, pibbur doesn't have much to say against Bruxelles (and the few things he has to say against it won't be mentioned here), but if you want to go by train to Edinburgh, Bruxelles is definitely not the place to be,

I won't bother you with details here, but at the moment pibbur is in London, at the Park Hotel international. In the hlotel bar drinking a glass of Hendrickk's gin&tonic. He will probably go to Edinburgh at 1000 tomorrow, at least hopefully in that general direction.

In 1819 Otto became the first modern king of Greece, presumably replacing a bunch of old fashin ones, perhaps some Ottomans among then?
In 1952 Elisabeth became the second elisabeth of England, replacing George.
in 1998 Ronald Reagan National Airport. replaced Washington National

pibbur who thinks that the worst part of todays' ordeals wasn't trains not going where and when pibbur wanted them to, but that in Köln something reminded him of one of the terribla songs associated with the smurfs. AND HE COULDN*T GET IT OUT OF IT'S HEAD. He dosn't mind the hotel bar, where he's having a Hendricks gin&tonic, plays a lot of awful Rhianna stuff. That can easily be shut out using his iPod and some Dream Theater music

There are 1,050,000 googles for Hendrick's.
.. several species of small furry animals gathered together in a cave.

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