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February 7th, 2012, 02:09
Originally Posted by CountChocula View Post
Is that so? I'm not familiar with these cases of games running with better frame rate on Xbox than PC. (Although I know that sometimes folks complain about the UI being too "consolized.")
GTA4 was one of the first high profile shitty ports. PCs that could run most multiplatform titles with faster and better graphics than the console iterations were struggling to match the console's version of GTA. The last couple of assassin's creed deliveries that came out over the past year also run slower on the pc than the first two titles from 2007/09 despite no significant graphical improvements. They can afford to underoptimize pc versions of new games when a current 50$ vidcard is enough to double the visual quality you get from a console.

I won't be surprised if the console version of TW2 or Risen2 ends up looking better than the pc version when ran on some high-end rigs from 2007/08 out of shitty optimization.

I've been happy with the way 3D graphics look since the gamecube and I appreciate that thanks to the current console's long life-cycles a high-end pc from 2006 can still run most new games in high details, I hated it when pcs became obsolete in a year.

I'm only getting a new pc when it is capable of running the same games as the xbox3 in full glory.
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