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February 7th, 2012, 15:26
Table of contents

Act the first; Il Duello.

Scene the first.
Scene the second.

Act the second; La Zingara.

Scene the first.
Scene the second.

Act the third; Il Figlio della Zingara.

Scene the first.
Scene the second.

Act the fourth; Il supplizio.

Comming soon.


The first three updates are actually reposts from the originals that can be found at that other forum which shall not be named. From the second half of the second act, however, we will be going into new places no sorcerous cat has threaded before. Those reposts, however, will have all pertinent corrections already applied to them. And stuffies.

And thankies to both Mrowak and Patrick who dared the horrors of that place to rescue the posts' source code thingies for moi. Have huggies!
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Let's opera! Il Trovatore.
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