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February 7th, 2012, 17:33
the day pibbur went to edinburgh. Based on yesterday's experiences he was a bit anxious: Would the train he boarded take him to his selected destination. Fortunately, King's cross is a lot easier, because (with the possible exception of platform 93/4), contrary to Köln, you can only depart in one direction. Trying (again with the possible exception of 93/4) to go the opposite way with a train will very likely result in a Helena-train-wreck like situation, and might even injure humans.

So pibbur arrived, where he should arrive.

Others left:

1497: Thousands of objects like cosmetics, art, and books left Florence at the bonfire of the vanities.
1819: Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles leaves Singapore after just one day(?)
1904: 1,500 buildings leave Baltyimore
1979: Pluto Leaves it's orbit (or the port of it's orbit) outside Neptune. Later it left the sun's planets completely.
1976: A Doc leaves Haiti

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