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February 9th, 2012, 11:57
Thanks for the link Zahra; although I note that it doesn't include the Pink Floyd references, which are the ones I'm after. Whilst I've only found two so far; I get the feeling there's going to be more somehow.

I've just encountered that hermit at Sentinel Island. Wacky fellow. He even throws in the ol' Cartesian "I think, therefore I am" (Cogito, Ergo Sum).

The Sentinel Island track isn't bad. A little too heroic for my tastes overall in Pokorovsky. I tend to prefer his more subdued ambient pieces; particularly those that evoke a strong folk feeling (of which there was plenty in Divine Divinity)
He is a fantastic composer - makes playing the game so much more enjoyable.
There's a lovely little piece on Sentinel Island when talking with Hermosa's people actually - reminds me a little bit of Rob Hubbard's Thanatos (for those that know and like old 8 bit tunes!)

Well, I'm level 20 and have made all of the totem choices. Just a couple more minor quests to finish up and then maybe it's time to see what lurks in this tower.
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