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February 9th, 2012, 18:52
My spouse had an early Droid phone. It too was buggy. Ringtones would not download, etc… The last thing I want to do is troubleshoot my phone. That's why I went with the iPhone…
Well, I can't believe how someone could get an iphone if they don't want to troubleshoot their phone. I cannot imagine a worse phone in that case, I know people with iphones….. first one displayed an apple on screen… not possible to turn it off, rebooting by some obscure button combination did work, which displayed the apple again and the phone hanging forever…. that kind of thing would never happen on an android phone which you can just turn off and or remove battery, and or reset.

Secondly others could not download a free app on their phone because you need to have your credit card validated by apple? I've never heard anything so stupid in my life.

Thirdly to validate your itunes account for app download you need to get an email from apple, even after trying with 5 different email adresses and resending each one did any email arrive inspite of a confirmation by apple that it would.

How anyone could pay twice the price for worse performance for such a horrible product is completly beyond my understanding.
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