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February 10th, 2012, 00:22
Originally Posted by Vii Zafira View Post

I actually like this scene we just went through very much. And from the point in which the Count comes into the garden the entire situation goes straight into a mixture of epic and hysterical in a handbasket, it's pretty nicely done.
To be honest I didn't like the first part of it - :codex mode on: Leonora's conversation with Ines. Like even when listening to it for the first time, using the patchy knowledge of Latin and French to make up for non-existent command of Italian I knew exactly what it was about. To me, the tone itself was so droningly boring that it could only indicate a poor damsel having a heartache over a secret lover. It turns out, I wasn't off the mark at all. For some this may count as "objective achieved", I guess. Opera is supposed to be overemphatic, I hear. But this was just wrong… :codex mode off:

The second part, however, when Manrico and the Count appear is pure gold. Love the outrage in that scene - first, when the Count hears Manrico's singing, then when he catches Leonora (Infida!), then when Leonora confuses the Count with Manrico and he gets agitated, lastly when Count challenges Manrico (does it turn out Manrico was convicted for something? - it seems so). However, the last fragment strikes as strangely cheerful for such grave, suspenseful situation.

Anyway, I am rooting for the Count, even though I know that by all laws of Narrativium Manrico will win (I am assuming we won't get to see the full duel though - only the effect in another act).

Some people read it as the Count being a posesive jerk, but I am not so sure. It is kind of understandable he is mad, given the context and situation, and Il Trovatore can't really claim the moral highground when he is just as willing to slay the Count over a mixture of politics and jealously as the Count himself is willing to slay the troubadour over it. I like them both, and both are, in their own way, deeply devoted to Leonora.
Yeah, they are both on the level. Somehow I naturally gravitate towards the Count, though.
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