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Default SPOILERS- So wich path you find better and why?

February 10th, 2012, 10:33
I recently ended the Roche part , i have chosen squirrel's in first game and so did in the second mostly because i want to play a mutant that pursuing people but even with cold heart i had to see the other side of the coin.

Roche 's path makes much more sense story wise if you exclude the fact that you don't get to really meet Saschia , also the ending is kind of more open , Roche is indeed a patriot but i am not sure if Geralt is and almost all the characters ( Odren excluded) are asses and hated every one of them , if felt like reading the codex funny butthurt kind of thing

Iorveth 's path is somewhat less easy going but quests are more fun , also you get to play the siege , make some huge choices about the prince and crossing the mist isn't that annoying . Most characters are nice , even Philippa and even if you know that something is wrong with her from the very start . The story tho
seem to lack detail and political intrigue ( which of course does make sense since you are with the rebels and not conspiring royals ).

I think CDPR did a good job in balancing the paths , personally i will go with Iorveth' s as my favourite but i equally enjoyed Roche 's for totally different reasons ( like hating everyone ).
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