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February 10th, 2012, 23:21
First, some quick background. As you probably know, the biggest news on the 'net is Double Fine / Tim Schaefer raising $1.4M in a bit over a day on Kickstarter for a proposed old-school point-and-click adventure (seriously, the number just keeps going up in realtime). While some people have erroneously called the phenomenon "the death of publishers", it's an exciting prospect - at least if you've got some celebrity power to drive the demand.
Chris Avellone answered a question on twitter about Obsidian trying a similar thing:
Hmmmm. I admit, Iíve got Kickstarter fever now. I feel like a bunch of doors suddenly appeared in game development.
On his Formspring, J.E. Sawyer also had this to say:
What do you think of DoubleFine's success on Kickstarter? Do you think that you could replicate it at Obsidian with a budget isometric title?
I'm not sure. I know we've discussed it internally in the past.
Then Chris Avellone tests the water further, posting on his blog on the Obsidian forums:
If Obsidian + Kickstarter = ?
All of Double Fineís success from Kickstarter has been inspiring.


The idea of player-supported funding is… well, itís proof certain genres arenít dead and sequels may have more legs than they seem. And the idea of not having to argue that with a publisher is appealing.

Out of curiosity, if Obsidian did Kickstart a project, what would you want to see funded? (You can respond in comments or to @ChrisAvellone on Twitter, whichever you prefer.)

* I only use all caps for sarcasm and shouting. And for the Think Tank in Old World Blues for comedy value.
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