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February 11th, 2012, 00:08

That might be the intention (though I suspect that most people truly mean straight sequels because that's the closest to what they know), but it's also confusing. Because games are more than the parts you lift out.

I mean, look at your example list; in two cases you point out the setting and in one the gameplay. But what if they take the gameplay from the one where you pointed out the setting and the setting from the one where you pointed out the gameplay?

It's a lot less confusing to just say "I would like something with a strong narrative, a quirky setting perhaps leaning towards Steampunk, with a lot of group combat". That's hardly longer and a lot clearer while still leaving ample directions to go in.

because I think that people continually using sequels to point out what games they want is one of the reasons why all we get is sequels. Particularly in cases like these where one is asked: "ok, so what do you want then?"
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