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February 11th, 2012, 01:05
Originally Posted by Dhruin View Post
I don't mean to be negative but I can't imagine why a developer would crowd-source funds then do a game beholden to a publisher. Arcanum is owned by Activision.

I'd like to see them so a classic isometric, turn-based cRPG but they'd be nuts not to either develop their own IP or something they could purchase and own relatively cheaply.
Originally Posted by Ayane View Post
You know, it saddens me a bit. Developers ask what they should do if they had creative freedom and what do people answer? Sequel this, sequel that.

Look, I get it. You liked those games. But ask yourself this. Was Planescape: Torment great because it was planescape or because of what the developers did with it?

personally I'd rather see them try something new. But most importantly, something that they are truly passionate about (and if that happens to be a sequel then so be it). Because think of it like this. If all they did was make sequels of established games then you wouldn't have your Planescape: Torment or Arcanum or anything like that.

That's my thoughts at least.
I agree with these two posts. Why would they become independent from publisher funding, with the help of crowd sourcing, just to be locked up again in a licensing deal for a publisher owned brand? This only makes sense if they can buy the brand for cheap.
Yes, it's really disappointing that most people suggest they do a sequel to their old stuff. It's boring, they have already done it! Maybe it would be more supportive to say "Make an old school party RPG and give it your best shot."
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