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February 11th, 2012, 02:24
Originally Posted by Gorath View Post
I agree with these two posts. Why would they become independent from publisher funding, with the help of crowd sourcing, just to be locked up again in a licensing deal for a publisher owned brand? This only makes sense if they can buy the brand for cheap.
Yes, it's really disappointing that most people suggest they do a sequel to their old stuff. It's boring, they have already done it! Maybe it would be more supportive to say "Make an old school party RPG and give it your best shot."
The idea here is to have a concept that's so attractive people will actually dish out cash *years* in advance, something that's merely interesting or could potentially be half decent doesn't cut it.

I would not even consider splashing the cash years in advance for the average concept "make an old school party RPG and give it your best shot". I'd probably buy it once it was released, sure, but donating money to such a project? No, not even close. It has to be far more interesting than that, for example with a few good innovations, a very original setting or some such thing.

Bottom line: It has to be something that makes me, and many others, go "ooh I can't resist, that sounds fantastic!". It can't simply be "meh, it could turn out okay I suppose".

Edit: I'm not actually saying it has to be a sequel, all I'm saying is the concept must be very attractive. That being said, I have yet to see any suggestions beyond Arcanum 2 or PST2 that I'd actually donate money to. If the concept is good enough, I'll pay up, absolutely.
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