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February 11th, 2012, 02:25
I'm quite aware that getting a ps3 port would be a lot more expensive than the xbox port, but I have a hard time believing that one is worth the investment while the other isn't.
You also have to take into account that most ports are made for the box first, porting a box game to a modern pc is a relatively straightforward process, the other way around doesn't have to be. Going by the witcher 2's performance and min requirements that vastly outdo what you could squeeze out of an xbox and recent interviews on the work they've done porting, it sounds like it's a lot more work than just scaling it down, sounds like they're completely rewriting components and possibly changing the architecture. In that case the traditional argument of xbox<-> pc easy vs ps3 being a pain doesn't apply as much, they're both a pain.

If other AAA rpgs are anything to go by they stand to sell 7-9 times more on the consoles than on the pc. At least a million sales on the ps3 which would be some fairly safe 16 million euros for CDProj minimum.
Even if they don't have any competent polish ps3 engineers/programmers and don't want to outsource it after the rise of the white wolf fiasco…with that kind of money at stake they might as well have a team of foreign ps3 specialists work in-house at cdproj.

I'm not saying this because I want a ps3 version(never touched these consoles) I just want them to capitalize as much as they can on their quality work instead of going belly up.
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