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February 11th, 2012, 04:08
Originally Posted by Nerevarine View Post
I'm a bit confused about the whole "Kickstarter" thing…I get that the funding goal has to be met within a certain time period, but who exactly pays this money, and what happens if a project gets the funding and then never completes the project? Basically, is there anything in place to prevent "projects" from taking the money and running?
Who? You, me, anyone interested. You put in your payment details and Kickstarter release the funds if the target $$ is reach within the timeframe.

What happens if they don't complete the project? You live to make a different choice next time, as far as I know. This concept doesn't suit someone who says "prove what I get for my $5 and I'm going to the Better Business Bureau if I don't get it". This is for someone who says, "you know, that's a cool idea and I'm prepared to risk $5 for the dream".

There's no point in putting stipulations on this concept - if developers were forced to complete projects (somehow) they could always push out a piece of crap just to meet the conditions. You take a gamble for the potential - simple as that.

Originally Posted by Maylander
The idea here is to have a concept that's so attractive people will actually dish out cash *years* in advance, something that's merely interesting or could potentially be half decent doesn't cut it.
And yet people have given well over $1M for nothing more than Schaefer promising a point-and-click adventure made with a small team under his supervision. No specific details whatsoever.
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