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February 11th, 2012, 04:24
Originally Posted by darkling View Post
Disconnect your internet and load Steam, see what happens, then stop worrying.

Steam hate is pretty old news.
I have been playing Skyrim in Offline Mode for several months. Tonight. I forgot to go offline before clicking my Skyrim desktop link.

Usually I am playing Skyrim in hotels that only have WiFi. So I just turned my WiFi laptop receiver off and double-clicked the icon. I instantly started saying out loud to my self, "no no no!" while I disconnected the cat5 cable.

40 minutes later I ended up on this forum and 20 minutes ago I still couldn't play Skyrim in online or offline mode. Steam prompts an error stating that "Skyrim is unavailable".

Pretty much why I panic'd and started saying out loud to my self, "no no no!". Some part of me knew that I would be here right now unable to play Skyrim because of that silly loss of fucus..
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