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February 11th, 2012, 05:31
Originally Posted by Mr_nStuff View Post
Not sure. For one. I travel for a living. Enough for me to get out of the house renting nighmare and buy my own house. Sadly I am not at home, refer to sentence three.

Skyrim is a single player game. I always try to avoid logging in to Steam before playing due to hotel internet speeds.

If it's my PC though. That means it's both of my travel laptops (game laptop and work laptop).. seems a tad unlikely. Works fine at home. But sadly I don't play at home. Games are my vice on the road.

Probably going to get trolled for this but. I usually just play WoW when on the road. But seriously, WoW is more stable and consistent than trying to play Skyrim (a single player game) with Steam in the mix at a hotel.

Could be a problem with my PC though. I am on this forum on the work PC. and I am not allowed to edit the security settings. Might be why I keep getting logged off the forums.
Yeah, that's the caveat of pc gaming. Too many different configurations. What works fine for one guy, doesn't work for the next.

I don't play wow or any mmo's for that matter but, there's nothing wrong with it. Over 10 million people playing wow so who cares what a few troll's might think.
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