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February 11th, 2012, 05:36
Originally Posted by sakichop View Post
Yeah, that's the caveat of pc gaming. Too many different configurations. What works fine for one guy, doesn't work for the next.

I don't play wow or any mmo's for that matter but, there's nothing wrong with it. Over 10 million people playing wow so who cares what a few troll's might think.
Still think we need to get back to a better time. Like Disneys Stunt Island? Seriously? Best PC game of all time! Damn you learning curve!

And FPS games where you can tilt back and forth to make snipers whine? But still have fun head-shotting them when they try the tilt sillyness.

RTS games like Battlezone. Download it, play the single playing, be open minded with the old GFX and enjoy. Atleast Youtube "Battlezone Intro".

What happened to Relic? Homeworld?

And flight/space flight simulators. Where's the love?
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