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February 11th, 2012, 21:17
The lack of IMP kind of bothered me too at the start but I have sort of adopted one of the low end Mercs MD as my avatar and have been building him as I would have my IMP merc. I though that no FOW would be a no go too but now after about 20 h of play I can sort of see why it was done this way. Your field of view is very limited and I find myself easily fixated on where my group is at only to get jumped by a flanker from time to time who I did not see. So with FOW it would be even more of a trial and error play like the old JA was. I do think that FOW should be an option that they come out with though as it would increase the challenge level for those who want such a challenge.

I always found the idea that you were a level 1 merc running the op from the front line as a bit wrong and who would hire you to save their country as you are a nobody and unproved. If you were to be KIA then it should be game over as there is no one to run the pay roll and we all know no pay no shoot. I would tend to favor my made merc with the best gear too so he tended to level up fast compared to the others but in JA BIA I find I am a bit more even handed with the gear so every one gets a fair shake.
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