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February 11th, 2012, 23:58
For those of us who craft, found out something useful. If you have a Bound to Account, random gen item, such as those from the Sharn Syndicate end rewards (most of those quests) or Delera's Tomb's non-named end rewards, it will remain BTA after crafting it, and retain it's lower minimum level.

Ijii now has ML7 +10 Spot, Search, and Disable items. I believe I can also craft myself up to +4 ML7 stat items; +2 is ML3, and usually it's 2 minimum levels per stat points. So ML5 for +3 nand ML7 for +4. Unfortunately, I'm way down on essences since I've spent the better part of 2 hours discovering this.

Also, Lesser Vampirism is fairly effective on a TWF build, right now Ijii just tore through Tear of Dhakaan on normal using a set of crafted Keen Scimitars of Lesser Vampirism. They covered most of the incoming damage so long as I didn't get tripped or slowed (which happens frequently in that quest), and even held up against the boss fights (which also happens frequently in that quest). This netted me 13k xp for a normal run.

Right now, about half of her gear is crafted. This has left her with more cash on hand than I'd normally have on a first lifer, despite buying items for use as blanks when crafting others' items.

Weapons: +2 Holy Scimitars (x2), both crafted
Keen Scimitars of Lesser Vampirism, both crafted
Chainmail of Invulnerability, crafted
Goggles of Battleskill +2, crafted
Rings of Health +2, Spot +10, Search +10, and Disable +10, all crafted.
Charged Gauntlets, Chronoscope Raid
Belt of Moderate Fortification
Pathfinder's Boots
Pathfinder's Necklace
Helm of WIS +2, crafted

I intend to craft STR +4 Bracers, CON+4 Ring, and WIS +4 Helm once I have BTA blanks and Essences. The Ring will just be remade from my current +2 one. I can also make Regular Bane (+2, 2d6 damage vs specific type) shards now.

Sadly, all this is bound; I can just make +2 stat items and +5 skill items unbound. The levels needed there are ridiculous.
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