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February 12th, 2012, 02:17
Originally Posted by ferahl View Post
Actually I resent this a little:

1. I recently moved house and bought a number of games for the first time in a long time because I had no internet - I could not play them because of fucking Steam forcing me to have a net connection before playing.
You couldn't steal games because you had no internet. So you bought games that required an internet connection??????

Originally Posted by ferahl View Post
2. Before installing Steam a little before xmas I received about 1-2 BSODs a year for a decade+. Since installing Steam I have had about 50 BSODs, a blown up high-end PSU, and have spent about 500 buying new hardware not realising how appauling a piece of software could be written, and how dangerous a commercial and popular one could be (I am a software engineer).
It's good that your a software engineer, because you apparently don't know anything about hardware. Steam is not blowing up your psu. What does having 1-2 bsods\year for a decade have to do with anything? Unless you've had the same pc for that long, which could also explain your hardware problems.

Originally Posted by ferahl View Post
So I do actually resent Steam just a little for causing be months of headache, money and shitness. I bought all these games legitimately and Steam has made it a horrible experience. I will now be forced to crack my own games since I have just uninstalled Steam as I don't want it to break my PC any more.
Face it, you don't like steam so you made up a bunch of bs. How about just say you don't like steam and leave it at that.
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