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February 12th, 2012, 17:16
I have to say I'm not really surprised by the results, but kind of disappointed too. A Kickstart by someone of CA's caliber could be a really great opportunity to explore stories we really haven't seen before. While Steampunk has some potential, the fantasy, sci-fi, and cyberpunk arenas have already been done. I'd think it would be much better to let him go to town on something unusual like an old school Winchester '73 Western (Jimmy Stewart, 1950) or something equally unusual.

I voted for historical because there's such an incredible breeding ground of human story to explore:

- You could tackle 19th century colonialism and post-colonialism. What if you're an average citizen celebrating the departing British government in your country. There's a charismatic young tribal leader consolidating power in the crown's absence. What will happen to you and your family?

- In the aftermath of the US civil war various political powers and opportunists begin changing Charleston S. Carolina. For the better? For worse? For vengeance? What about the newly freed slaves? What about the slaveholders? Where do you fit in to all this?

- You're a young kid in Pella watching this brilliant guy sitting at the feet of Aristotle, marveling at the responses and questions he redirects towards his master. Name? Alexander.

- Likewise turn Archimedes' life into an intrigue adventure involving his various inventions including the screw lift, hydrostatic machines, and not least the mirror death ray. The climax involves his excitement at developing a new branch of mathematics not dissimilar to Calculus. Can you rescue him and that research from the siege at Syracuse?

- Inception of the Qin dynasty in China. Essentially a story like the movie Hero. Very nationalistic, but also very colorful and cool concepts to explore.

Honestly it really goes to show that people like reliving things that they enjoyed in the past more than they'd be willing to take a chance on something new and different. Like choosing a cheeseburger instead of more adventurous food. Nothing wrong with a cheeseburger normally, but when you're at a Cajun family restaurant in SW Mississippi, why waste the opportunity going with what you already know you like?
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