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February 12th, 2012, 23:13
Count: Daring, it is like[what] raging love and irritated pride require[d, the tense here is in the past] of me. Wasted the rival, fallen all obstacles that appeared to my desire [fallen every obstacle seemed/appeared at my desires];then and most powerful there gets ready… the altar! [a new and more powerful she prepares]Ah no, don't pay the debts of others,[fia here is intended as to be, not fio, price to pay, "Ah no, she won't be of others"] Leonora! Leonora is mine! The flashing light of her smile of a star defeats the ray! The brightness of her beautiful face infuses me courage! Ah! The love, the love on which I burn speaks in my favour! Squander [sperda here derives from disperdere not spendere, so it would be: Disperse the sun of her eyes the tempest of my heart!]


Count: Ah! Pria che giunga all'altar… si rapisca!

Count: Ah! Before arriving to the altar… herself kidnapped![Before she arrives to the altar…she must be kidnapped or kidnap her or let kidnap her or she be kidnapped, more literally]
Ferrando: Ah, bada!

Ferrando: Ah, pay attention![watch out would be better]
Conte: Taci! Non odo… andate… di quei faggi all'ombra celatevi…

Count: Quiet! I don't hear… Let's go… from those beeches in the shadows let's hide…[Let's is contraption of let us if I remember correctly, obviously here the Count is ordering others to go and hide, he is not part of them.]

Conte: Per me, ora fatale, i tuoi momenti affretta: La gioia che m'aspetta gioia mortal non è! Invano un Dio rivale s'oppone all'amor mio: Non può nemmeno un Dio, donna, rapirti a me!

Conte: For me, fateful hour, your time hurry: The joy that awaits for me is not mortal joy! In vain a rival God opposes my love: Not even a God could, lady[woman, here he is speaking as a passionate male so donna is not used in the courtesy form], take you away from me!


Religious choir: Ah! If mistakes[error is better, used as way to imply sin and straying away from the right path] stiffle you, o daughter of Eve, your eye, near death, will see that a shadow, a dream they were, or rather of a dream the shade, the hopes of this world! Come and be hidden by the veil from all human eyes! Breath or thought mundane here alive no longer is. To heaven you turn and heaven will unlock itself for you.


Leonora: Perchè piangete?

Leonora: Why to cry?[a minor correction, she's referring to them, so Why do you cry? would be better]


Conte: Per te non avvi che l'ara d'imeneo.

Count: For you there is but the alter of Imeneo.

Imeneo in Roman tradition is the patron of marriages, I don't think that there are any other references.
Donne: Cotanto ardia!

Count: So much fire!?
Women: Such he dared or So much he dared.


Manrico: Nothing into this has heaven, nor the horrid crossing of infernal passages… Vile goon[s, the plurals, the plurals] vibrated the mortal strike, it's true! Irresistible power have the waves of the river[s]! (WTF did I just say? :/)[probably is a figure of speec or he intends that they throw him in a river] But his flow a God confounds[the impious are confused, not the river]! That God rescued me.


Ruiz seguito da una lunga tratta di armati, e detti…

Ruiz followed by a large number of men-at-arms, and says…
Here detti is referred to already mentioned characters I think.

Great job by the way, there are some very difficult passages here.
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