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February 12th, 2012, 23:12
Originally Posted by Vii Zafira View Post
Act the second; La Zingara. Scene the second.
Actually, this was pretty much… fantastic!!

In which the Count is awesome and very hot.
The count truly reaches new hights in this one. Uncompromising, proactive, yet dedicated, perhaps blindly devoted and unabashed.

And that Giorgio Zancanaro fellow, who plays him truly is a master of his craft. I just realised I prefer this character over Manrico just for his voice (not that is the only reason).

Both parts were great. Even Leonora didn't come across as all that soppy in here, though the Count and Manrico as enemies overshadow her easily.

@ Mrowak

If she really had a wicked plan, wouldn't her motivations be the most honorable of the lot?
Motivations maybe - but the means of achieving her goal are anything but honourable (at least if what I suspect is true - which you seem to confirm). I don't see how Manrico's and Leonora's motivations are dishonourable. Even the Count isn't that corrupt - merely ill-advised in his actions. It's hard to say who really holds

That aside the focus being on their passions and motivations, in their ambitions and lusts, in their powerful and grand, but irrational, actions also makes the characters quite humane and relatable. I personally find passion to be a much more interesting theme than morality, philosophy, emotion, or ideas. We should have more stories focused on that kind of thingie instead of so much pretentious or moralistic stuffies.
Thank you, now I see that.

In defense of all other themes though - they are only pretentious when ineptly realised through means and medium not fit for this sort of thing. As I see it now, I can't imagine Opera being the medium for that.

Actually, I would love an anti-bioware game actually written to play with the idea of fate. Bioware and others like to mention how the player character is free of the bounds of fate and similar stuffies, yet in the end all of that amounts to nothing as all choices are Biowarian ones. Instead of that we should make a game with actual choice and consequence were everyone tells the heroine how she can't win against fate but she, and the player, keep trying and trying, making hundreds of choices, all of which have real consequences, just to have destruction and despair sweep everything away at the last moment in a manner that fits perfectly the endgame scenario the consequences of the heroine's choices created.
I would actually love to play that. If it were possible to create such scenario where your choices met different consequences but all of them were bad, I think it would open a new class in our (not so) favourite pastime. Alas, this is not going to happen with the current politics studios have. Including even a sinle bad ending in this day and age causes heart palpitation in the Koticks of today.


As always, resourceful and timely.

Edit2: What's with thouse half-assed : salute : icons. I will have to bring some here from the 'Dex.
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